The Tube Driver is placed after the Muff with an equally mild setting with a slight crunch and the volume slightly above unity with the amp. May 12, at What I am basically looking for, that I was having a hard time articulating, is an overdrive similar to the outro solo on Wearing The Inside Out from The Division Bell. Also is there any way of knowing whether he is using the bias modded version or not. Tube Drivers can sound slightly different from each other anyway, primarily because of differences in the way different tubes filter the sound and circuit variations, but when using the exact same tube, the and 5 knob Real Tube versions can both dial in nearly identical tones.

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Should I change the tube?

B.K. Butler Tube Driver

I guess one good thing is your tube should last indefinitely as it’s not doing the same amount of work or thermionic tubd. Updated in, Is bk butler tube works tube somewhere on bk butler tube works tube net one would suggest for finding other backing tracks?

Should it be used with less drive? Hi Bjorn, hope that the new year is going well for you. He kicks in something at about 4: Keep up the good work, Bjorn. Have you tried this one?? However, when using the exact same tube, each can be dialed to sound nearly identical, with the exception of some of the models.

Others are as well.

Unlike the Tube Driver and Real Tube, the Tube King includes an output buffer so it is immune to most capacitance and loading issues that can plague those other pedals.

It sounds really natural and not really noisy.

It seems to just compress everything get muddy and cut off the top end. A Tube Driver, regardless of brand or year, sounds very much like a Tube Driver but, obviously, there are some tonal varations within that strinking similarity. Only Encrease the distortion? RS Components makes a very similar grub screw knob with separate caps, shown below, but it is slightly taller and wider than the TD knobs.

I moved the tube around in the slot a bit, and found gutler some positioning, I got it to work, but at the moment, its at a slant secured with a bit of bk butler tube works tube butlr lol!

Do you think changing a tube would be all that worthwhile in a TD with Bias option?. Slightly less than unity volume and it really makes a big difference.

Which mark should i pick?

Why are you such a couch potato Bjorn? The only ones he soports besids the ones he is making now. Audiodawg — what type of pickups are you using to drive your tube driver?

BK Butler Pedals

Bk butler tube works tube just picked up a Tube Driver from BK himself. So when researching the TD, reading lots and listening to stacks of YouTube clips rightly or wrongly I decided that this was for me. What would you consider a budget friendly alternative to the BK Butler? Do you think that the old version of Ibanez TK is good choice? There are lots of useable settings for different tones but the most Gilmourish ones will probably be at maximum bias.

In my experience the TD is extremely sensitive to what pedals you place before and after it and even further out in the chain. Also, the TD is a demanding beast bk butler tube works tube really needs pickups and an amp that can handle it. Basically the same pedal. I only really know the basics of that hes using the white 54 strat and that he is using a whammy pedal for those octave bends but other than that I am kinda clueless.

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The TD does sound pretty versatile once you get used to it considering you can swap out the tube. This thing is the cats socks, and it rawks!! Could be a number of reasons. I replaced the 12AX7 with a 12AU7 JJ Electronic for an overall warmer tone with more compression and a much wider range bk butler tube works tube powerful clean volume boost to soaring but,er.