By Riyad Emeran February 5, 4: I personally wipe out and do a fresh install of every computer I have owned. I sort of think of it as the Volvo of laptops — Boxy but good. In the end I decided on the ThinkPad. Light — I wanted my notebook to be light for its screen size class. CPU performance is just one of many things that determines overall system speed. It uses a SoundMax chip.

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Now there was a time when 1, x was a great resolution for a notebook, but things have moved on.

It illuminates the keyboard in dimly lit environments. The case is made of magnesium and titanium with metal hinges for the screen.

The FlexView is amazing. thlnkpad

IBM ThinkPad T42 Review (pics, specs)

Like all ThinkPads, the build quality is outstanding. Every now and again I wish I had this key. It comes with quite a bit of additional software.

The case it a little cheap and platicky, but seem to work as described. If I ever have an issue, I want it resolved quickly.

Much to my delight, there were no dead pixels. My ThinkPad came with the ThinkLight. Mine came with the RPM Hitachi 7k60 hard drive.

IBM ThinkPad T42 Review (pics, specs)

Microsoft Works and a 90 day Norton Trial were on there. I had requested a tracking number from the seller which actually was emailed thinkpwd me after the notebook arrived.

I think they are still mad at Microsoft for stealing the OS market from them. I can push on the lid and get no ripples. I had seen a few Asus laptops and generally had a favorable impression of them, but in the end was not a leap of faith I was willing to ibm thinkpad t42 type 2373.

The performance was a little better after, but nothing great.

RARE IBM ThinkPad T42 Type 2373-2ws

If I pull down on it, it scrolls down and vice versa. ThinkPads have a super slim modular bay. I also wanted a modular battery. Your personal details will tyinkpad be shared with those companies – we send the emails and you can unsubscribe at any time.

RAM & SSD Upgrades | IBM ThinkPad T42 Series (Type ) |

It is very well constructed. I have also heard those issues have been solved with the newer T43s. I thought that was a little shabby. Above ibm thinkpad t42 type 2373 Below view of the T42 view larger image. I have since upgraded to an As always with an IBM ThinkPad, the build quality is first rate, and this machine feels like it could handle a pretty hard life on the road if it had to. It would be nice if there was chat or an email offered as support. Thinpkad Reviews Computing Laptops.

You can use it to recover your ThinkPad in ibm thinkpad t42 type 2373 it ever gets corrupted.

I have the larger nine cell and the modular bay battery. I find them hard to use for extended periods. Push ibm thinkpad t42 type 2373 and you can find out everything you wanted to know about your ThinkPad and more. There is none of the keyboard flex that affects so many notebook keyboards, and no matter how hard you type, the whole keyboard feels completely solid whitout the merest hint of a rattle.